Extended ASCII Table Online

12880200euro sign
12981201Not Used
13082202single low-9 quotation mark
13183203ƒLatin small letter f with hook
13284204double low-9 quotation mark
13385205horizontal ellipsis
13587207double dagger
13688210ˆmodifier letter circumflex accent
13789211per mille sign
1388A212ŠLatin capital letter S with caron
1398B213single left-pointing angle quotation mark
1408C214ŒLatin capital ligature OE
1418D215Not Used
1428E216ŽLatin capital letter Z with caron
1438F217Not Used
14490220Not Used
14591221left single quotation mark
14692222right single quotation mark
14793223left double quotation mark
14894224right double quotation mark
15096226en dash
15197227em dash
15298230˜small tilde
15399231trade mark sign
1549A232šLatin small letter s with caron
1559B233single right-pointing angle quotation mark
1569C234œLatin small ligature oe
1579D235Not Used
1589E236žLatin small letter z with caron
1599F237ŸLatin capital letter Y with diaeresis
160A0240 no-break space
161A1241¡inverted exclamation mark
162A2242¢cent sign
163A3243£pound sign
164A4244¤currency sign
165A5245¥yen sign
166A6246¦broken bar
167A7247§section sign
169A9251©copyright sign
170AA252ªfeminine ordinal indicator
171AB253«left-pointing double angle quotation mark
172AC254¬not sign
173AD255�­soft hyphen
174AE256®registered sign
176B0260°degree sign
177B1261±plus-minus sign
178B2262²superscript two
179B3263³superscript three
180B4264´acute accent
181B5265µmicro sign
182B6266pilcrow sign
183B7267·middle dot
185B9271¹superscript one
186BA272ºmasculine ordinal indicator
187BB273»right-pointing double angle quotation mark
188BC274¼vulgar fraction one quarter
189BD275½vulgar fraction one half
190BE276¾vulgar fraction three quarters
191BF277¿inverted question mark
192C0300ÀLatin capital letter A with grave
193C1301ÁLatin capital letter A with acute
194C2302ÂLatin capital letter A with circumflex
195C3303ÃLatin capital letter A with tilde
196C4304ÄLatin capital letter A with diaeresis
197C5305ÅLatin capital letter A with ring above
198C6306ÆLatin capital letter AE
199C7307ÇLatin capital letter C with cedilla
200C8310ÈLatin capital letter E with grave
201C9311ÉLatin capital letter E with acute
202CA312ÊLatin capital letter E with circumflex
203CB313ËLatin capital letter E with diaeresis
204CC314ÌLatin capital letter I with grave
205CD315ÍLatin capital letter I with acute
206CE316ÎLatin capital letter I with circumflex
207CF317ÏLatin capital letter I with diaeresis
208D0320ÐLatin capital letter Eth
209D1321ÑLatin capital letter N with tilde
210D2322ÒLatin capital letter O with grave
211D3323ÓLatin capital letter O with acute
212D4324ÔLatin capital letter O with circumflex
213D5325ÕLatin capital letter O with tilde
214D6326ÖLatin capital letter O with diaeresis
215D7327×multiplication sign
216D8330ØLatin capital letter O with stroke
217D9331ÙLatin capital letter U with grave
218DA332ÚLatin capital letter U with acute
219DB333ÛLatin capital letter U with circumflex
220DC334ÜLatin capital letter U with diaeresis
221DD335ÝLatin capital letter Y with acute
222DE336ÞLatin capital letter Thorn
223DF337ßLatin small letter sharp s
224E0340àLatin small letter a with grave
225E1341áLatin small letter a with acute
226E2342âLatin small letter a with circumflex
227E3343ãLatin small letter a with tilde
228E4344äLatin small letter a with diaeresis
229E5345åLatin small letter a with ring above
230E6346æLatin small letter ae
231E7347çLatin small letter c with cedilla
232E8350èLatin small letter e with grave
233E9351éLatin small letter e with acute
234EA352êLatin small letter e with circumflex
235EB353ëLatin small letter e with diaeresis
236EC354ìLatin small letter i with grave
237ED355íLatin small letter i with acute
238EE356îLatin small letter i with circumflex
239EF357ïLatin small letter i with diaeresis
240F0360ðLatin small letter eth
241F1361ñLatin small letter n with tilde
242F2362òLatin small letter o with grave
243F3363óLatin small letter o with acute
244F4364ôLatin small letter o with circumflex
245F5365õLatin small letter o with tilde
246F6366öLatin small letter o with diaeresis
247F7367÷division sign
248F8370øLatin small letter o with stroke
249F9371ùLatin small letter u with grave
250FA372úLatin small letter u with acute
251FB373ûLatin small letter with circumflex
252FC374üLatin small letter u with diaeresis
253FD375ýLatin small letter y with acute
254FE376þLatin small letter thorn
255FF377ÿLatin small letter y with diaeresis