ASCII to Binary Converter

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How to Convert ASCII Text to Binary

Computers can only understand numbers, more specifically 0s and 1s. ASCII text can be converted to decimal number using the ASCII character encoding and the numbers can then be converted to Binary.

The above ASCII text to Binary converter tool can help you convert any ASCII text to Binary. But if you want to understand the process of converting, Here is how it works:

  1. First step is to find out the decimal number corresponding to each ASCII letter in the input.
  2. Then, convert the decimal numbers to their binary equivalents to get the final result.

Let’s see some examples of converting ASCII text to Binary

Example 1

ASCII: Hello
Decimal: (72 101 108 108 111)
Binary: (1001000 1100101 1101100 1101100 1101111)

Example 2

Decimal: (36 80 87 68 33)
Binary: (100100 1010000 1010111 1000100 100001)